Our committee members and helpers

The BPNP has been produced by a wide variety of volunteers who all live, work or have other interests with our community. The team has changed over the period of writing the plan. Much of the hard work, the consultation work in the early stages and a lot of the scoping of the Plan was undertaken by the NP Steering Group which was lead by and included the following people.

Much of the early work on the plan was completed by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, a team of volunteers. Many of them have now moved on to other work, but we are thankful for the work they have put into understanding the issues and pulling the thinking together. They included:

Steering Group Members list - Feb 2015

Over the past year a smaller Writing group has helped draft the plan, for the NPSG and the Parish Council. The Parish Council gives their thanks to all these volunteers.

The Parish Council is responsible for the plan’s delivery and this part of the consultation process. The Plan is now presented to you for your consideration by Bottesford Parish Council. The current Councillors are: