updated 14 July, 2020

New regulation 14 consultation update

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Since 2015 the Parish Council have consulted with local people, commissioned studies and sought expert advise to produce a Neighbourhood Plan that sets out a framework for how we want Bottesford Parish to grow up to 2036. This has not been easy and the development pressure in our village is evident.

The Neighbourhood Plan provides local policies that will bring forward sustainable development by

  1. promoting a constructive dialogue with developers before a planning application is submitted,
  2. providing design policies that ensure development reflects the distinctive historic and rural character of the Parish and reinforces it, 
  3. protecting the landscape character of the area including the views into and out of Bottesford and the Significant Green Gaps within and around the settlements, 
  4. ensuring new development meets the housing and employment needs of the area,
  5. ensuring new development minimises its carbon footprint,
  6. ensuring water is managed to create a biodiversity gain and to reduce the risk of flooding,
  7. seeking a net biodiversity gain over the Plan period and 
  8. seeking opportunities to maximise the benefit of development where it can also reinforce the positive aspects of the Parish.

For more information on how the Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared please see the Neighbourhood Plan tab.

We now need you to tell us what you think. The consultation period runs from 30th July until 30th September.

The online survey is here

If you would rather submit a written response please use the format saying if you agree or disagree with each policy and why and return to Bottesford Parish Council Offices by 30th September.

Where are we now?

We want your opinion on the Plan – the consultation period runs from the 30th July to the 30th September. We ask that you complete the online Regulation 14 Pre Submission Questionnaire [click here] We are also asking a lot of other organisations like the environment agency, Melton Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council what they think.

We will take all comments into account and submit the Neighbourhood Plan for independent examination in the Autumn. We would love to keep you up to date with the process – if you want to provide your e-mail address we will let you know how the Plan is progressing.